Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look at That Girl Go

Congratulations to Amanda for finishing the inaugural Hershey Half-Marathon. Sarah and I are so proud of you, not just for finishing the race but also the months of training leading up to the big day. We are so happy that we could come up to lend some support along the route. Hope you'll join us for the Monument Avenue 10K in in Richmond come next April.

Getting started

Maddie at the half-way point hanging with some new friends just before Amanda's arrival

Here she comes at mile 7, Maddie was sooooo excited to see her mom

Anxiously awaiting her arrival into the stadium

That's her under the sign

Closing in on the finish line

Mugging for the camera, not sure I'd be smiling at this point

And it's over!!! Congrats Amanda, you rock!!!

Fun in the Park

While Amanda was running the half-marathon we decided to spend some time playing at the park. Maddie had a blast, as did the rest of us.

Climbing up the tunnel

Practicing for the uneven bars

Giddyup squirrel, this is fun!!!

It really is fun!!!!!!!

Swing time!

Swing Time Part Deux