Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby in a Nook

Congratulations to our friend Evan who recently became a home owner and as an added bonus our neighbor! While getting the tour at Evan's new digs I snapped a cute picture of Timothy testing out her nook. She plans to put wine/ wine glasses in the nook, but I personally believe Timothy makes a better decoration. Although he is nearly as breakable as wine bottles and glasses, he doesn't get quite as dusty.

Congrats Evan -- Timmy loves your house!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

6 Month Wellness Visit

Last week (7/12) Timothy had his 6 month appointment and all went well. There was a bit of a rough start to the appointment because upon arrival I realized that Timothy probably needed changing. He ended up leaking in his car seat and on Dad while waiting to get to a room to change him. Then on top of that I forgot to give him his preshot Tylenol. So we had to track down a nurse who clearly thought I was a bad Mom for not remembering (as did I). But after that things seemed to be on the up and up. Mark and I made our guesses at his weight and we were both at least 1/2 pound over. Oops. We have a little guy! Here are his stats:

Weight - 15 lbs 9.5 oz - 10%
Height - 26 inches - 25%
Head - 17 inches - 25%

After 4 shots and one oral vaccination we were done with the appointment. I look forward to the 9 month check up when he only has one shot!

Checking out his paci cap while waiting for the doctor/ nurse practitioner.

Evidence of the leakage on Dad.