Friday, August 19, 2011

Moving and Groving

This was taken nearly a week ago. He's much faster now! It's a weird one-footed-step-draw-one-leg crawl. Nevertheless we are quite proud. Enjoy.

Hershey Happiness

A few weeks ago we went up to visit Grandma Ayres and visit Hershey Park. We went to the Park with Aunt Amanda, Uncle Brad, Cousin Maddie and our friends Sandy, Chadd, and their kiddos Lyla and Noah. Timothy got to go on his first amusement park rides and played with Noah (while Maddie and Lyla had some girl time). Timothy really had a great time, and managed to stay awake the whole time too.

Hanging with Dad and the Hershey Kiss

Taking a break with Noah

Meeting Mr. Hershey Bar

Maddie riding in the caboose (where no adults are allowed)

Train time with Aunt Amanda and Dad

First ever amusement park ride, the carousel

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Today is Grandma Kay's birthday and Timothy is delighted to send her a special birthday wish. Love ya Grandma!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Morning Hair

The results of a bath before bed time and a night of crying it out, i.e. lots of fussing around in the crib.

This is Timothy's "S'up?" look

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

7 Months

Can you believe it.... 7 months already? We can't! We weren't too into the 7 month photo shoot as evidenced below ----so the monster shirt seems appropriate. Here are 7 things about our little man at 7 months

1. Crawling! He has started to crawl. It's kind of hit or miss. Sometimes he takes off and sometimes not so much, but he's moving.

2. Standing. He loves, loves, loves to stand. He's constantly pulling up on things and always reaching up for our hands so he can stand. Then once he gets to a stand he's so proud of himself. He can stand holding on to something for quite a long time.

3. Eating. We finally let him have some food. So far in addition to rice cereal, we've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas and apples. The sweet potatoes and bananas were a hit, not too much else.

4. Sleeping. Now that teeth 3 and 4 have broken through and the teething pain has resided it's tough love time. We are only 3 nights into it (I guess this is more like 7 1/2 months what he's up to), but he seems to be doing okay.

5. Jingles. He loves to reach for Annie and Winston's jingles on their collars. It's somewhat problematic when they start to walk away because he usually topples over.

6. Between sizes. I was struggling with having all of his clothes out so I put away most of his 3-6 months clothes and got out all of his 6-9 months. He can still wear his 3-6 month one piece outfits that are shorts, so we do rely on those a lot. Unfortunately, he tends to swim in his 6-9 month clothes, especially the pjs. There are about 2 pairs of 6-9 months pjs that fit him, the rest are too big. This is especially problematic with the crying it out strategy because he fusses around and almost always ends up with both legs in one leg of his pjs.

7. Favorite toys. He really likes this race track/ race car toy that Mark's friends Drew, Meg and Sean got for him and he also likes this learning farm walker thing that we inherited from cousin Emily. Thanks everyone!