Thursday, March 15, 2012


Timothy has 12 teeth. We really need to get cracking on his toothbrushing. We have started brushing with a psuedo toothbrush every night. I have a dentist appointment next week and will ask what he recommends for Timothy's oral care.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working On Our Doggie Skills

Winston and Annie are great with Timothy and Timothy adores them. However, Timothy needs to perfect his doggie skills just a bit. First, he's a little rough and so we are constantly telling him "gentle."  He doesn't quite understand what gentle means. I'm afraid he thinks Annie and Winston are named "gentle." Second, Timothy unintentionally teases Winston a bit when we are throwing the ball for Winston.  Timothy's actually really good at throwing the ball -- he just prefers to hold on to it sometimes rather than actually throw it.  Below are some of the Timothy and doggie interactions we caught on video.

Teasing Winston

At the beginning you can hearing Timothy say "gentle" though he doesn't show it

Monday, March 12, 2012

Run Timmy Run

Over the weekend Mark took Timmy to get a new pair of kicks. I was working and could not go, but advised Mark not to get him any dorky sneakers. As you can see, Mark heeded my advice and exceeded my expectations. Timothy's ready to start running now -- not that he wasn't running before. Mark said that when Timothy tried the shoes on in the store, he immediately started running --- like he knew what sneakers are for. ha!