Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Sad Choices"

Timothy is pretty good at repeating what he hears and doing so in context. I've heard one of his favorite teachers telling the kids at school that they are making "sad choices" when they are doing something bad -- i.e. coloring on the table or not listening, etc.  The other morning I was trying to get Timothy dressed for the day and he wasn't into it.  (What's new?)  Anyway, I had his clothes picked out and they were in my room ready to be put on him.  Since Timothy decided he did not want to get dressed, he picked up all of his clothes (shorts, shirts, shoes, socks) and took them into his room where he threw them on the floor the whole time repeatedly saying "No, no. Sad choices, mommy, sad choices mommy."  I, of course, had to laugh out loud.

His same favorite teacher also started speaking a few words of Spanish to him -- especially after learning that his Brazilian grandmother has taught him some Portuguese phrases.  The other day I wanted him to do something -- who knows what now -- and it lead to a melt down.  Amongst the tears, screams and general whining you could hear the phrase "non gracias, non gracias, non gracias."  At least the kid is polite.

Don't have a picture of any tantrums -- so here's one of the kiddos playing nicely together this morning before work.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Like Elphaba's

Timothy is all boy, all the time.  We are currently going through a trucks, digger, etc. phase.  As part of this phase we have a new bedtime book.  Goodnight Construction Site.  It's a really cute book.  The other night we were reading it and I pointed out to Timothy that when the cement mixer truck goes to bed it has a blanket.  After I pointed to the blanket Timothy said "like Elphaba's."  And he's right.  The cement mixer has a taggie blankie just like Elphie's!  Good eye, Tim!

Elphie's taggie -- waiting for her in her carseat
Tim's book!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


These kiddos love their daddy.  And their mommy loves to make them pose with daddy.  Frequently.  One day we will capture the perfect picture.  We are getting close.... we just need those darn pacis as a crutch!

Timothy loves to wear socks on his hands - just go with it.  We do.
Love Elphie's stare at Tim

And the winner -- Daddy and kiddos!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lovely Evenings

I love it when evenings just fall into place.  Nothing extraordinary happened tonight but we just had such a nice relaxing time getting the kids ready for bed.  Maybe that's because I wasn't up for a fight and let Timothy pass on his bath.  Maybe it's because Mark and I both had to leave work a bit early for a meeting at the house so we weren't rushed walking in the door.  Maybe it's because we all hung out together upstairs during Elphie's bath time instead of being scattered throughout the house.  Who knows why, but we'll take it!


This little lady loves her baths! If only I could keep her in there longer to tire her out more. Unfortunatley, usually I'm trying to juggle both Tim and Elphie during bath time so she is the first to come out since she cannot be trusted not to stand up while my back is turned:)


As I said I gave Timothy a pass on his bath because I just didn't want to fight. Besides Timothy had other things in mind (as he often does) -- he was all about his fireman costume. But if only you could see what was underneath the costume ....


That's our boy --


And after Elphie went to bed, Timothy and I watched a bit of the Polar Express. This was his face during the part where the train is on the ice. He stayed like this for a good 5 minutes. Then when the train made it off the ice he told me "all better mommy." What a sweetheart that kid! And yes I know he is wearing Halloween PJs in May. But when can you do?