Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm Long Overdue to Let You Know that I am Due...

June 17, 2012. That's right. Baby B Numero 2 will be making his /her appearance sooner than later.  Just when I could fit back into regular clothes --- I'm knocked up again!  Well it was either time to tone up or time to expand the family.  The second option sounded more fun.  Currently, I am 24 weeks along and moving ahead at full steam. Apologies for the delayed blogging -- but as you know my/our blogging in general has been pretty limited and on top of that it took some time to get the word out to family, friends and bosses!

We told our family Christmas day via M&M. I know its a little sacrilegious for someone from Hershey to rely on and love M&Ms so much, but what can you do? We gave our family little bags of M&Ms that said "Big Brother" and "June 17, 2012." We purposely left them red and green instead of blue & pink to see if they would notice. Some got it right away (winner -- Amanda -- the first to text and/or call!) some we had to point it out.

So we are extremely excited and happy to welcome another little one to our family and to provide Timothy with a sibling. I just hope we don't shatter Timothy's world too much. The kiddos will be 17 months or so apart.  Oh and just like with Timothy we are going to be surprised and wait to find out the sex until the big day.

First trimester was rough but feeling much better now. Although constantly getting sick with whatever Timothy brings home from daycare and struggling a bit with bending down and picking up Timothy every 30 seconds. I feel much bigger than I was when I was pregnant with Timothy even though I am desperately trying to keep my weight in check. Oh well -- what can you do? Below are some pictures so far.

24 weeks -- not the best picture cause it's so far away -- sorry!

Showing you 21 weeks -- with Timothy and Winston in the background