Wednesday, December 29, 2010

39 and a Half Weeks

Baby B is certainly taking his/her sweet time getting here. We are now at 39 and a half weeks and counting. Sarah has resorted to hitting the treadmill in an effort to get this baby here sooner rather than later.

Winston and Annie Do Christmas

I don't believe there are two more spoiled dogs on the planet that our two dogs. This year they got tons of fun toys and a new house to run around in. When we first brought them to the house they ran around for 30 minutes non-stop playing together. Winston had that big Staffy smile the whole time. After the 30 minutes he promptly took a leak on the floor to mark the house as his... thankfully it was in the storage room on the concrete floor.

Opening their stocking from Grandma

Fun with wrapping paper.

Both seemed quite content with thier new bones.

And a walk in the snow with mom to cap off a perfect Christmas day.

White Christmas

Sarah and I closed on our new house on the 23rd and were so excited to see the snow coming down on Christmas Day. We ended up with a white Christmas our first year in the new house. Let's hope the tradition continues.

Christmas Eve Celebration

With Baby B arriving any day now our doctor advsied us to stay in town this holiday season. So no Hershey this year, but fortunately we were still able to spend it with family. My dad and Sueli had everyone over their house Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Paula & Christian brought my niece and nephews, plus my mom, Tony & Bridget made the trip down from DC. We were joined by some of their friends and everyone has a really great time. We had an amazing dinner, opened Secret Santa gifts white elephant style, and I read The Night Before Christmas (a family tradition since I was a baby, in fact I still have the original pop-up book in one of the unpacked boxes in our garage).

Popping Christmas crackers!!!

My dad had his Secret Santa gift switched 4 times and ended up with this purple purse.

Leonardo explaining the meaning of the Christmas bells.

Sarah in her crown.

Sueli's gourmet feast.