Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crowded Bed

I just love this photo. The other night there were bad storms so we let the dogs come sleep in our bed rather than listen to them bang on the door all night. Then in the morning I decided to bring Timothy in as well. Everyone slept for another hour or so, including Annie (not pictured).

Found It

Timothy recently found his tongue and wanted to show it off to everyone. He also had his 6 month doctor's appointment yesterday. Those pictures, however, are on a different camera so that post will have to wait. Apologies to those of you who I already texted this picture to. I hate to be redundant with the texts and blog posts but some of the photos are too cute not to share with everyone. Yes, yes -- I know I am extremely biased!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Best Work Day Ever

I had the best day at work the other day because Timothy and Mark came for a visit. It was a very short visit but it made my day nonetheless. He was, of course, a hit -- everyone loved him and he generously gave out lots of smiles!

Looks like he fits

A few kisses for my baby.

Wish he could brighten my day at work everyday!