Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Many Looks of Timothy

Timothy is quite the versatile little boy. Here are a few of his looks.  (Who said you can't play dress up with little boys --it's even more fun than playing with dolls!)

Crazy Hair Timothy- for crazy hair day at school

Fighter Pilot Timothy - provided by Grandma Ayres

Football Fan Timothy - exuse the unflattering photo of moi -
my husband should have told me to sit up a bit straighter

Handsome Like Daddy Timothy - Speaks for itself

Preppy Timothy - We do live in the south
so he needs to be able to pull of the preppy look
(button down provided by grandpa)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thanks for the Walker Cousin Emily

and Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jamey. Here is an awful video -- I tried to get a better one -- of Timothy using it. He has been playing with the walker ever since we got it, but about a week ago he started using it to walk. He's not too into it, but occasionally, he'll give it a go. I figure whatever -- if he wants to walk he can.  If not that's cool too.
I'm mostly posting this video for 2 reasons -- 1) so I remember approximately around when he started walking with support and 2) because I love how at the end he gets distracted by me and drops and makes a beeline crawl toward me