Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby 1 versus Baby 2

Well -- I hate to pit the two against each other already but it's impossible not to make some comparisons when my pregnancies have been so different.  Here's a little summary:

Morning sickness - Baby #1 ("Timothy") none.  Baby #2 some.  Nothing extreme and it went away midway through the second trimester.  However, I have to hand it to Timothy he scores the points on this one.

Fatigue - Timothy none.  I ran a 10k during the first trimester and worked out up until month 6 or so.  Baby #2 -- exhausted during the first trimester.  I must say, however, that much of this could have been from 1) chasing Timothy or 2) having some really busy work weeks in the fall.

Weight gain --- Timothy lots.  Baby #2 -- not as much.  I certainly am packing on the pounds but it does not seem to be as much as I did with Timothy.  Probably because I'm running around after Timothy and started off a bit slower gaining weight due to the morning sickness.

Cravings -- Timothy none really -- occasionally wanted fruit more than normal.  Baby #2 nothing too notable although there have been several occasions were I wanted one thing or another in particular.

Discomfort - Timothy none.  I got a bit uncomfortable at the end with some swelling but nothing really problematic. Baby #2 --- ugh.  Baby #2 has a talent for stretching out and being able to sit on my bladder and kick me in the ribs at the same time.  Not sure how he/she does it but he/ she does.  Baby #2 also just makes it difficult to breath in general.  Around 24 weeks I had to go to court for something and when I was preparing I noticed after I was about 2 sentences into my statement/ argument I was already out of breath.  Nice.

Sleeping -- Timothy no real problems.  Baby #2 no real problems.  There was/is slight discomfort with each when sleeping, but nothing that is preventing me from falling asleep or staying asleep. 

Conclusion ---??????  No real conclusion.  Just different.  It may appear that Baby #2 is more difficult, but I'm waiting to see how Baby #2 enters this world and how he/she sleeps before I am going to make a final decision.

ANYWAY -- current picture taken at work (I never remember at home).

30 weeks 4 days