Tuesday, April 26, 2011


When I, Sarah, was little I had a doll that looked like this:
(not sure why I wanted a boy doll - don't most little girls want girl dolls?)
Now, I'm somewhat grown up and I have a baby that looks like this:

When Amanda was little she had a doll that looked like this:
Now she is grown up and has a little girl that looks like this:

Who would have thought? Hopefully I will take better care of my baby than I did my doll. Amanda took very good care of her doll so I'm not too worried!

(Note - because she was a bit older Kristin missed out on these "my child" dolls, but she still has a cute little girl that looks like this:)

Happy Easter!!!

What a wonderful 1st Easter with Timothy. The weather was perfect, you couldn't wish for a better day. We went to church, played with toys from the Easter basket, enjoyed a nice Easter brunch, went for a walk with dogs and spent some quality family time together. Thanks to all of Timothy's grandparents and Aunt Amanda for the wonderful basket, bunny, books, toys, bib, candy and cards.

Chillin on the couch in his Easter threads.

"Seriously? Why would you put these things on my head?!?!?!?!?"

Checking out the new toys and books.

Play time with mom outside on a beautiful day.

Look who's got an Easter bunny on his rump.

Winston and Annie getting their baskets too.

3 Months

Sorry for the delay. Here's our big man at 3 months, such a a happy baby.