Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just in Time

Well, due to his new trick we decided to lower Timothy's crib over the weekend. His new trick is to start out on his back, flip to his stomach and then push back into a sitting position. He is all about this sitting position and prefers to hang out like this most of the day. This week (I know it's only Weds), his new thing is to constantly try to stand -- no crawling, etc., just going from a sit to a stand. He's getting tricky to keep an eye on.

Anyway -- it seems that we lowered his crib just in time, considering that below is how Mark found him this morning. Based on the furrowed brow he is sporting I just know he is contemplating pulling up to a stand and making a break for it. (Trust me, I know these things -- I frequently climbed out of my crib as a child.) Now that his crib is lowered we have some added assurance that even if he makes it up to a stand, he won't escape ... at least for now.

Planning his great escape