Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thanks For All the Well Wishes

Check out all the well wishes Timothy has received at the hospital. Thanks everyone!!!

This card from Uncle Tony and Aunt Bridget is too funny.


What in the world are we going to do with all this hair?

Post-Bath Slicked Back Look

Finger in a Socket Look

The Birthing Story

Alright, here's the story of Timothy James Bruscia Bradby's birth. Don't scroll down if you get queasy easily (graphic picture awaits).

Thursday morning we headed off to the hospital, arriving fashionably late by a couple of minutes... only fitting considering Mr. Timothy decided he wanted to stay inside Sarah as long as possible. Within 30 minutes Sarah had her water broken and the baby watch was on. They began Potosin to get the contractions moving since we still were yet to have any. After about an hour or so Sarah began to REALLY feel the contractions and it was time for the epidural. That went smoothly and within a short time Sarah was feeling no pain. This epidural thing is pretty wild, Sarah is laying there feeling nothing while the lie detector type scroll paper is going off the charts.

After a couple more hours the doctor came in and said that we needed to discuss our progress. The Potosin was doing its job and had the contractions up to every 3 minutes, problem was Sarah's cervix wasn't cooperating because it was staying about the same size. On top of that, Timothy wasn't a big fan of the contractions as they lowered his heart rate. So our options were to 1) up the dosage to get Sarah to open more, but with that would come more stress on the little guy; 2) continue on the current dosage and see if things get better, but there was no guarantee that would happen and it could cause him more stress and still result in the need for a c-section; or 3) get the c-section once the operating room was available. Sarah and I discussed it briefly and decided to go with option 3, the c-section. So they said to hold tight for about an hour or so and then we would head in.

Just after 2:00 they wheeled us into the operating room for the big moment. I was decked out in my sweet white jumpsuit and blue booties, Sarah in her gown and shower cap. Our doctor was there with a whole team of people and they began scrubbing Sarah down with antiseptic. Next thing I knew they were putting up the curtain and getting to work. While the doctors were on the lower side of the curtain Sarah and I were getting updates from the anesthesologist. After a short time he told me to grab my camera and be ready. When he gave me the word I popped my head up and snapped a shot. I was expecting to see the doctor holding up the baby but instead there was just a head. After my initial shock, I sat back down and waited for the rest of Timothy to show up. Finally the doctor said for me to call it, so I jumped up again and checked out the little guy (well actually big guy, 8 lbs, 4 oz). I found it difficult to call since the cord was blocking his manhood, but after a quick adjustment I was able to see everything. They then whisked him off to a side table to clean him up and then I got the chance to hold him and bring him over for Sarah to see. We were both instantly smitten for life.

A big thanks to Dr. Royal for being with us every step of the way from month one on. She was always a joy to be around and I am so glad she was able to deleiver our little boy.

Let me say what a tremondous job Sarah did throughout this whole process. She was such a trooper when they suggested a c-section despite her really wanting to push. I have always thought my wife was one of the strongest people I have ever met, both mentally and physically. This whole pregnancy has proved it beyond any doubt. Thank you Sarah for giving me the greatest gifts I have ever received, your hand in marriage and our beautiful baby boy Timothy James.

My George Clooney look.

Thumbs up, ready to go!

The operating room.

Timothy James Bruscia Bradby joining the world.

First Photo Shoot

For everyone clamoring for more photos. The hospital has a photographer who stopped by and we just couldn't resist getting some photos taken (actually Sarah could resist but I couldn't). I just love his little feet. We ordered a CD of these prints so please let me know if anyone wants copies in a week once we get the disk.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Timothy might just be the most loved baby in all of Richmond. He has already had lots of visitors and each one instantly fell in love with him. He just loves being held and is looking forward to his aunts, uncles and grandmother coming to see him.
Alevia showing off her parenting skills. She's a natural with a 3 year old girl and recently born twin boys.
Hanging with Evan while checking out Fisher.

Being swaddled by Allison, Tyler was too shy to hold him (totally understandable).

Being showered with love from Grandma.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello World

Introducing Timothy James Bruscia Bradby (2 middle names).
Timothy for his Uncle, James for his grandfather and other uncle.
Born 2:29pm
8 lbs 4 oz
20 inches long
Lots of hair
More details to come.

Get this cold thing off me!

Mom and baby are doing well.

Baby Alert

So we headed off to the hospital this morning around 8:00 and they had Sarah hooked up to the monitors and everything else before 9:00. They put her on Potocin and then we began the waiting game. After a little while she finally began having contractions, yeah!!! Of course with that comes some pain and next came the epidural. That went smoothly and then Sarah got some rest while I grabbed some lunch. Around 12:30 the doctor came back and said that despite the contractions the baby still wanted to stay inside where it's warm and that a c-section would be our best bet. So that's where things stand as of now, c-section is scheduled for around 2ish. Baby B will be here soon. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Hershey Baby Bonanza Continues

Our good friends Erica and Greg welcomed a beautiful baby girl to their family just over a week ago. Blake Nicole was born at 6:52pm on December 28th. 8 lbs, 7 oz and 21.5 inches long. Congratulations Erica and Greg!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Message from Sarah

Had my doctor's appointment yesterday and we are officially scheduled for our induction on Thursday, January 6th. So baby's birthday will either be 1/6 or 1/7 -- here's hoping for 1/6.

All is well with the baby -- has an ultrasound -- and the test results were good for everything except for something that measured the baby making big movements -- stretching an arm or a leg.. There were little movements but nothing big. My doctor said she is not worried because it's likely that it's just because there's no room. The guesstimate on size (which of course is plus or minus a pound) is 8 lbs 14oz!!! Dear god. How on earth did that happen? This could get real ugly real fast. I know these estimates can be off - so I'm just goingt to ignore that number and hope for the best. They also monitored for contractions to make sure that I wasn't having any and just not feeling them. I didn't have any when they were monitoring so it looks like I am not crazy.

So there ya have it.