Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Visit from Grandma!

As noted, grandma came to visit and spend some quality time with Timothy. The last time grandma saw Timmy was when he was fresh out of the womb and in the hospital. When she came to visit for the week he had changed so much since then. Grandma was a big help watching Timothy while I got lots of little tasks accomplished -- laundry, straightening up my closet and Timothy's wardrobe, a few shopping trips, a doctor's appointment for me and my first attempt at walking on the treadmill.

Thank you so much grandma for all of your help. Timothy missed you terribly when you left and is looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Dad's First Business Trip

Around the same time Timothy turned one month and had his one month check up, Mark had to go on his first overnight business trip since the little man arrived. Mark was privileged enough to travel to the warm state of Minnesota. While there, he missed Timothy so much he had to purchase a few little tops for him while killing some time at the Mall of America. We all missed Mark while he was gone, but fortunately Grandma was visiting (more on this later) so we had plenty of help and a good distraction.

A few shots the night before dad left

Clearly Timothy already has dad wrapped around his finger

Delayed Post -- One Month Old

Still catching up on all the posts . . . sorry! Timothy turned one month on February 6th. Happy one month baby boy. He also had his one month check up and did very well at the doctor's office. He passed all the "tests" and only had to get one shot. I am somewhat dreading the next appointment because it will involve many more shots -- boo:(

Timothy's stats --- I hope he doesn't get my short gene.

Still looking pretty little -- although he seems to be growing so fast to me!

One month old picture -- looking a little like a deer caught in the headlights.