Friday, January 21, 2011

Bath Time

Thought we would share some photos of Timothy's first real bath. Thankfully we had Sarah's mom and Aamanda there to help us as we had no clue what we were doing. Timothy didn't really enjoy the experience but he's slowly getting used to it after a few more attempts.

And here we go.

Who knew washing a 8 pound baby took so many hands?

Gotta respect the hair.

Winston making sure we were taking good care of his little brother.

And for my next trick ...

I'll stick my hand in the mouth of this ferocious beast.


Timothy is so lucky to have such a wonderful extended family. Lots of his aunts and uncles have already come from far away to spend time with him, an hose that haven't are headed this way soon. To Grandpa and Vova, he can't wait for when you get back from Brazil.

Spending quality time with Uncle Tony and Aunt Bridget

A little love from mom and dad

The Bradby Boys

Hanging with cousin Emily, Uncle Jamey and Aunt Kristin

Kisses from cousin Emily

Cousins - Priceless

Grandma, Aunt Amanda, Mom and TJ

Grandma's long-awaited first two-legged grandchild