Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Our adorable nephew Hunter turned the big ONE on May 6th and we were fortunate to head up to Maryland to celebrate with him.  He had quite the bash - it was in an awesome open park where the kids could run free (and Timothy did) and where the adults could hang out and enjoy each other's company.  Bridget and Tony provided some delicious food and in addition to having a fabulous birthday cake also had an awesome ice cream sundae bar.  How cool.  I want to steal that idea for one of the kids bdays in the future:)  Oh and did I mention that the park had a carousel.  The kiddos loved it.  I think it may have been Elphie's first time on the carousel -- success!

Happy Birthday Hunter -- we love you!

Check out this face -- how cute is he?

 Yum - Cake!
The kiddos playing! 
Hunter seemed to love the swings -- Tim liked them for 2 min.

Soon Hunter and Elphie will be up there with Tim!

 The Carousel --

There was also a train but it was too rainy for the conductor to let the kids go on it - next time.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We finally got the kiddos baptized!  Both Elphie and Timothy were baptized on May 12, 2013 (mother's day).  When Timothy was born we did not belong to a church.  A few months after he was born we started to attend Christ's Church Episcopal per the recommendation of Alevia.  Thanks so much to Alevia and TJ for introducing us to this church.  It is very family friendly and feels like home.  I really like it.  Looking forward to enjoying the community that it offers. 

The kids were a bit rowdy at the baptism.  Shocker - I know.  Following the baptism Elphie was especially rowdy considering she is usually the good one.  We figured she was just moved by the Holy Spirit.  Ha!  Also special thanks to our family and friends who agreed to be Elphie and Timothy's Godparents.  It really means a lot to us!  Timothy's Godparents are Amanda and Kim.  Elphie's Godparents are Kristin and Tony.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tried to catch a few pictures of the babes all dressed up but they would not cooperate.  Oh well.  Below is what we got.