Friday, August 9, 2013

Growing up

Our little baby is really turning into a little girl.  She definitely knows what is going on -- ask her to give something to Timothy and she'll turn around and hand it right to him; tell her to sit down in the bath tub and she (usually) does it; ask "where's Elphie?" and she'll play peekaboo with you; and tell her to clean up and she'll start to pick up her toys.  Really, it's pretty cool to realize how much she understands.

She's definitely starting to assert her independence as well -- wanting to feed herself, climbing up so she can be a big kid just like Timothy.  It makes my heart so happy.  I love watching her grow and learn.

Oh and she's getting the communication thing too.  She only really says mama, dadda, and uh oh.  But the other night she said "night, night" and she is great at signing.  She signs "more" and "all done" and the teachers at school said she signed "circle" the other day.  Such a big girl!

Feeding herself
Looking like a big girl

Climbing up-- she'll be ready to help make brownies soon!

And here she is signing "more"


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