Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I've had to work pretty much all day, every day for the last two weeks -- meaning I have not even had weekends to spend with the kids.

Sunday evening went something like this when I was putting Timothy to bed ---

Timmy:  You go to work mommy?
Me:  Yes baby.  I've been working.
Timmy:  Yeah Mommy.
Me: [Heart breaks]

A special thanks to Mark who has been a super single dad for the last two weeks.

And few recent pictures of the babies who were both feeling a bit under the weather this weekend with a stomach bug.  Elphie is sleeping on the floor at Mark's office cause she was too sick for daycare and Mark and I both had to work.  Bring your kid to work day for Mark!  Timothy munching on some dinner --he fought a fever throughout the weekend and although he was upbeat you could just tell he wasn't quite himself.

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